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Wonder what our nurse does?

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Some of you may be wondering what I do, so here’s a glimpse… I supervise a variety of clinic functions and medical services. The medical services we provide are the urine pregnancy test and the limited obstetrical ultrasound. A limited obstetrical ultrasound is for determining if the pregnancy is intrauterine; if there’s fetal cardiac activity(viability); and for determining estimated gestational age(how far along the pregnancy is). Counseling and teaching on various topics including pregnancy options, pregnancy issues, sexual health issues such as STDs, and other topics that patient wants to discuss/learn about are part of my job. I also teach our staff and volunteers on pertinent issues.

I make sure our records are accurate and are followed up. I get the ultrasound images to our medical director for review and records to medical providers per the patient’s request. Maintaining stocked supplies and care of the ultrasound machine are part of my duties. I make referrals to medical providers, social services, community services, etc.
All are as needed.

A key part of my job is asking important questions regarding the pregnancy if she’s pregnant; her sexual health; and her relationships as part of the medical intake. I do this so that if a woman is making unwise choices in any of these areas, I can hopefully steer her towards better choices.

Finally, I help out wherever there’s a need whether it’s answering the phone, helping sort donations, helping plan our gala, posting flyers about our events around town, asking for donations, watering the plants-you get the picture. I’ll help out with whatever needs to be done. -Sheila

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