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In Turkey I spent most of my time with college aged men and women. They were either friends that I had met during their time in Jackson on J1 work and travel visas or friends of friends.

I was always being asked the question, “What do you do for work in America?” The work we do is unpopular in many ways here in America, it is often met with a wide variety of responses and I expected to meet the same responses, but I was surprised by what I found.
In Turkey abortion is illegal. With the Islamic faith being the national religion, it is expected for a woman to be a virgin on her wedding day and anyone who isn’t develops a bad reputation in the community and it has consequences. The public school system doesn’t teach sex education, and it is such a taboo subject that parents won’t talk to their kids about it until the night before the wedding. When I asked how they get their information I was told it came from experimentation, American movies and American media.
The college aged people I spoke with are restless for change to happen in their country. They are pushing for more education and for abortions to become legal. The general consensus I found was “Make abortions legal and safe, then IF it’s needed…” They are not even thinking about not having sex because they see it as “normal” in all the westernized countries. They are very open about their sexual activity and see sex as another way to bring their country to the same status as other world powers.
It really isn’t that surprising of a conclusion. If you look at the majority of our music videos, movies, song lyrics, clothing styles… the central theme is based on sexuality. It makes me ashamed to see that the biggest thing America is being modeled after in Turkey is not the right to the pursuit of happiness, a hope for a better life, freedom of speech or religion… but after sex.
I am so glad that Turning Point has had the foresight to introduce the Tall Truth Program (formerly known as WAIT) to the Jackson community. I am convinced more than ever that it is a message that is desperately needed, not just here in America but all over the world. This generation needs Truth and the way sex is portrayed and marketed by our media and movies is not the truth.
If you want to get involved to bring Truth to our community regarding sexuality, or want to know more about our Tall Truth Program please give us a call at 307-733-5162 or email us at info@turningpointjh.org.