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I was just in the countries of Bulgaria and Turkey. I was expecting to spend my time there connecting with friends, visiting historical sites, eat way too much of the foods the country is famous for, (all of which happened) and leave my work as receptionist and counselor behind in the States for 3 weeks. But in Bulgaria and Turkey they are very interested in what your employment is so it comes up in all introductory conversations. There is no easy way to describe what my job is here at Turning Point and it’s not a “normal” job, so it leads to many interesting conversations.
In Bulgaria I stayed with a family for one week. When I arrived in their home my friend was the only one that knew about my job, so I was asked what I did by the rest of the family our first dinner together. I told them about what I do knowing that it is a subject they have a history with. My friend’s parents were young when they found themselves with an unplanned pregnancy. The news was not well received with either side of the family and they were counseled to have an illegal abortion. Instead, they decided to get married and raise their family together. They have now been married for over 20 years and my friend was that unplanned baby! She is a loved daughter, grand-daughter, friend, sister, a highly respected member of her community and an elementary school teacher. Their family is very open about the fact that abortion could have been a part of their story and whenever the subject came up her parents were very passionate about how they made the right decision. They say it is one of the best choices they ever made. -Katherine