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If you have had a miscarriage you are not alone in your grief. It can happen to anyone, and it is not your fault. There are common reactions to having a miscarriage: sadness, anger and depression. Later you may feel confusion, jealousy (seeing other pregnant women), guilt, failure, and maybe questioning God.

It’s hard to say what causes a miscarriage, and often you won’t know what caused it, therefore try not to blame yourself or anyone else. It is best to share your story with a person who is safe and will listen to you. At Turning Point you can come to us just for that. We are here to listen, when you need to talk.

Men and women can go years before receiving healing from past wounds of a miscarriage. We would like to offer you that healing through a ten week Bible study called, Threads of Hope, Pieces of Joy. This is designed for individuals who have suffered a miscarriage, still birth, or any form of early infant death. Whatever your faith, or non-faith is, you are welcome to join. Please know we will be going through the Bible. If you are in need of help and healing, please make an appointment below.


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