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Post Abortion Support

Post Abortion Support


Men and women may have unresolved feelings after an abortion. Sometimes, people feel an immediate sense of relief after an abortion and then years later they might experience unresolved feelings of anger, grief, and sadness. Other times these feelings can come immediately after an abortion.

If you are experiencing these feelings and need help, please know that Turning Point is here to help. We are here to listen without judgment. We are a safe place to discuss past abortions and our hope for you is true and lasting healing.

We offer post abortion group classes for men and women. The curriculum is about 11 weeks and incorporates self-care activities, journaling, and spiritual reflections. There is Biblical scripture used to facilitate hope and healing; women and men from all faiths or non-faith backgrounds are welcome to join.

If you are wanting to meet individually with a trained advocate you are welcome to do so. Make an appointment below and specify your needs in the comment section. We are here to listen, when you need to talk.


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